Steel & GRP Composite Grating

We offer a full range of Steel Grating for uses in flooring and staircases in industrial complexes.  This is one of our stockheld products and you can use our contact us button on the left or our details on our contact us page to find out our current stock levels.  Currently we can supply from stock or source the following Grating products:

Industrial Flooring Steel Grating:

  •      Safegrid Steel Grating
  •      Safetread Steel Grating
  •      Safegrate Steel Grating
  •      Safelock Steel Grating
  •      Safedeck Steel Grating
  •      Stanweld Steel Grating

GRP Composite Flooring:

  •      GRP PolyGRIP Composite Flooring
  •      GRP PolyTread Composite Flooring
  •      GRP PolyGrate Composite Flooring
  •      GRP Phenolic Composite Flooring

Hovering or clicking on any of the question marks will give you a short description of our products.  Otherwise you can contact us via our contact us page or the contact us button on the left hand side of every page.

Galcanised Steel Grating - SafegridGalvanised Steel Grating - Safegrid

Galcanised Steel Grating - SafegridSteel Grating